Thanks for dropping by to read this milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity review from Our objective for this review is to help you determine if milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity is the very best product in the Haircare category that your money can buy. We’ll base this on a number of factors, from the price to the quality and durability of the product. Of course we’ll also delve into other customer reviews, as there’s no doubt that a customer that has tried and tested the product is the next best thing to being able to try it for yourself.

To start with let’s take a look at a few overview stats for milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity to see how it stacks up on a score out of 10. The first reaction for me, is that this has got some seriously impressive scores for all of the key measurements (price, quality, reviews and then an overall score). So take a look yourself and then when you’re ready we’ll get into the detail of the scores.










Latest Price: £24.95

milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity review

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  • A gentle cleansing shampoo that eliminates frizz, softens the hair and preserves hair colour. The Nourishing Integrity shampoo provides support for dry and damaged hair, restoring hair strength and vigour. Muru muru butter offers an intense moisturising effect. To use: Apply to wet hair and massage. Rinse thoroughly. Active ingredients: Muru muru butter.
  • Product codes: 8032274053781

Should I choose milk_shake for Haircare products?

It’s pretty clear that milk_shake are one of the best and most recognised brands when it comes to buying products in the Haircare category, but are they the best? Whether you choose to buy milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity or not will depend largely on how good the brand is, so it’s important to understand and be confident that you’re happy with a brand before you get into the detail of one of their products.

An important factor to consider here, is just how many options you have available, there are absolutely tons of suppliers and brands offering very similar products in the Haircare category. All of these brands fighting to compete with each other is great news for you and us, because they’re always trying their very best to offer the best product on the market and at a competitive price…RESULT!

But to give you a bit of insight into milk_shake as a brand, we found a total of 28 products from brand name using our product and review scanning database. This searches for the best prices and best reviews from retailers like UK, so you can see that there is a great deal of choice from milk_shake. It’s also really useful to explore the average price of their products too. Our most recent price scan found that the average price of a product from milk_shake was £13.92 which is worth comparing to the price of milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity which is £24.95. But then it’s worth looking a bit more deeply into the average price of products from milk_shake and looking only at the average price of their products that fall into the Haircare category. The average price of that is £13.92.

milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity Quality

Quality is obviously a subjective topic, but an important one. Whether you’re shopping to get the very best quality product available, or just get the best quality for a budget…you’re still going to care greatly about the quality of your product. Some of the key things to look out for to determine the quality of products in the Haircare category include:

  • Comments from customers in their reviews
  • Specific comments about the durability
  • Look for top features in the description
  • Don’t forget to check out the quality score at the top of this review as a quick guide.

milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity Price – cheap or not?

Price, the most important decision maker for many people. Whether it’s buying milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity or an alternative product, price is going to be a critical factor. In order to determine how the price of milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity compares to other options, we’ve run some analysis to really help you get a detailed view of the price. Our price scanner looks at the price of products and then provides you with the average that you’d expect to pay for products in that category, or from the same brand for example.

The price that our scanner found milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity at most recently was £24.95. This price is actually above average for the price you can expect to pay for products in the same category of Haircare. The average price of those are actually £17.53. When you take the quality of the product into consideration you can see that milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity is very good value. To give you a little more detail for products that feature in the Haircare category, the cheapest we managed to find was £4.25 and the most expensive we could see was £120.00.

The next area of interest was to look at the prices you’d expect to pay for products from the same brand, milk_shake. milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity comes in above average against the average price from this brand. The average is £13.92. The cheapest we found from milk_shake was £8.45 with the most expensive coming in at £27.95.

Finally we went a step further and looked specifically at the products which are made by the brand milk_shake but also sit within the same category as milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity, Haircare. The price of milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity is actually above average against the average, with the average price being £13.92. Again we checked out the lowest and highest prices which were £8.45 and £27.95 respectively.

milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity reviews

It sounds really obvious, and let’s face it it’s the reason you’ve come across this review, but our top bit of advice for you to choose the best product is to read as many reviews as you possibly can. Getting an idea of the review score for milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity is really helpful, (it scored 8.5/10 FYI) but reading the actual customer comments can’t be replaced as the most valuable asset you have when buying online.

Look out for trends in the reviews for example mentions of certain features working well or the quality of the finish being really high (or indeed poor). Also have in mind, what you really want the product for and whether customers are using it in a similar way to you. Finding a customer that reviews your chosen product positively and uses it in the same way as you is perfect as it will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you’re buying a good product for your needs.

milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity review: Quality

Product quality is again a very important factor, whether you’re looking for something sturdy in the short-term or a product that is going to provide long-term durability, quality will be a consideration for you. Buying from a brand like milk_shake will of course help as they’re so well known for their quality.

The first step is for you to take a quick look at the quality score above, you’ll see that milk_shake Shampoo Nourishing Integrity scored 8.4 / 10 which is a remarkable score and not one to be ignored. If after narrowing down your search to find a product that fits your budget, has the right features and has lots of positive reviews, if it is still in the running, just take your time to read a few reviews to see what they’re saying specifically about the quality of the product.